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    As a professional manufacturer, we design and produce dual purpose nozzles, thermal protective aids (TPA), firemen helmets and other life-saving and fire protection equipments for maritime and structural fire safety.
    Our Y-TYPE dual purpose nozzles were approved of MED (B+D) by DNV GL. The thermal protective aids (TPA-1, TPA-2 and TPA-3) were approved of MED (B+D) by RINA.
    As a manufacturer of essential safety equipment, we strive for a reliable protection for people鈥檚 working and living as well as the environment we live in. This is our mission.
    Yibei’s values are the foundation of our company culture. In Yibei, we believe “SAFE”.
    鈥ervice and stable quality
    鈥ttitude and at-the-ready
    鈥or yourself, think that the products be used by yourself
    鈥rgonomic and Environmental
    鈥omplete documents and certificates
    鈥nnovative industrial design
    鈥eliable QA system accredited by SGS
    Listen to the users.
    When we design our produts, we are guided by a simple philosophy, listen to the users. We invest a lot in research and development to make sure we incorparate our customer’s idea into products. Jet Spray Nozzles

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