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    Our History
    ETLINK(HK) PRECISION INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., established in January-2007 in ShenZhen city, it’s a high growth company. Since beginning, we devote to offer high quality products & services to our customer partners, to achieve win-win cooperation for each other.
    Our Factory
    Our factory area covers more than 7000m², total about 120 employees, now we have Etlink ShenZhen, Etlink JiangXi, Etlink Fujian total as 3 branches. Also we have office in Seoul, Korea; Office in Seattle, USA.
    Our Product
    We professionally specialize in products as below:
    softgoods as Velcro parts and OEM Velcro parts assembling, soft fabric deco assembling for Consumer Electronics; backpack, sewing, shoe materials, die cuting, etc..;
    CNC metal parts for mobile communication terminal, digital, unmanned aerial vehicles; photoelectric products and auto parts such as precision metal parts, precision electromagnetic shielding parts, precision stamping; driverless car parts, programmable toy; Automation FATP solutions, etc.. and related R&D, production, managements, OEM, ODM, Customization solutions available.
    Product Application
    Various of consumer electronics, UAV, UR, 3D printer products, medical devices, manufactures / Brands about Softgoods, Softgoods and mechanical parts assembling and related automatic FATP solutions, etc..
    Our Certificate
    ISO-9001/14001/18001; we have 7 patent certificates ready; other 8 patents’ certificate pending;
    We will be getting the National High-Tech Enterprise certification around in Feb-2019.
    Production Equipment
    We care about our products & service quality performance seriously, case we do understand how important for customers to get good products & service to boost their business. So we applied lot of machines and related engineers for our production & QC:
    Production equipments:
    Air pump-5 sets, tapping machine-5sets, booster-type thermocompressor with 4columns -2 sets, drying machine-3 set, hydraulic machine-2sets, C1~C8 CNC machine-8 sets, , Specular machine-15sets, CNC engraving and milling machine-16 sets, Vibration grinder-1 set, Laser cutting machine-1 set, Six axis industrial manipulator-1 set, air storage tank-5set, CD pattern machine-3sets, ultra-centrifugal mill-1 set, laser engraving machine-8sets, pattern sewing machine-2 sets, automatic hot press & die cutting system machine-1 set.
    And new machines will be used quickly when necessary.
    QC guarantee equipments:
    Coordinate Measuring Machine, Constant Temperature and Humidity Incubator, Constant Temperature and Humidity Experiment Chamber, Thermal Shock Test Chamber, Tensile Strength Testing Machine, Rub Tester, Lux Meter, Coating Thickness Gauge, Cutting Fluid Concentration Meter, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Paper Tape Friction Tester, Solder Machine, Marble Checking Platform, Quadratic Measurement Tester, Salt Spray Tester, Microscope,Temperature and Humidity Indicator, Color Assessment Cabinet, High-Sensitivity Computer Color Difference Meter; each for 1 set;
    And new testing instruments will be applied quickly when necessary.
    Production Market:
    Main target market: North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Aisa, Africa etc.. for recent 2 years, our annual revenue is about 20million USD dollar, thanks for our passionate & professional team, we have great confidence to keep growing for following years.
    Our service:
    1)We offer 24 hrs quick response for mock up, for customers’ samples, especially urgent samples request;
    2)Professional, passionate international sales team and R&D team team for fast response and service;
    3)Professional & engineer and aftersales team with high-efficiency response and solution feedback for complaints.
    Our professional Etlink team working hard for developing, passion and sharp sense in our every product and every procedure. with affectionate hopes for our today and future, so to choose us as your cooperation partner, definitely will be your great choice.
    OEM Adapter Cable Strap Hook And Loop

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