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    Two Lines Bag Making Machine
    This machineis suitable for making barrel-type plastic vest bags of matural colour and colour-printed bound plastic vest bags.It adopts advance photo eletric eyes tracking which makes the printing pattern position be accurace without error,the sealing synchronize with the heat cutting without any pulling force and the sealed bottom be firm and beautiful equipped with variable frequency speed regulating motor , it has many automatic protection functions such as energy-saving,overaod,overvoltage and over current, etc. Also equipped with automatic counting device,it canaritrarily set the binding quantilty and can automatically dischange and reset after the bags are piled to set quantity.
    Technical data:
    1)Model: DFR-300X2
    Bag width: 30-300 mm
    Producing lenght: 10-999 mm
    Speed of bag making: 150×2 pcs/min
    Power of motor: 2 kw
    Heating power: 3 kw
    Outline diameter(LWH): 3300X1400X1600 mm
    Weight: 1000 kg
    2.)MODEL: DFR-400X2
    Bag width: 30-400 mm
    Producing length: 10-999 mm
    Speed of bag making: 150×2 pcs/min
    Power of motor: 2 kw
    Outline diameter(LWH): 3000X1500X1600 mm
    Weight: 1200 kgCutting Bag Making Machine manufacturers

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