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    Our Factory
    Product Application
    Titanium and its alloy machining components are widely used in Petroleum Industry, Chemical Industry,Gas Industry,Machinery,Electric Power Plant,Shipbuilding Industry, Papermaking Industry,Metallurgy Industry,Carbonization Industry,Refrigeration Industry,Light Industry,Salt Industry,Construction Industry etc.
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    Production Market
    Our products had been exported to America, Germany, Russian, Korea, India and Southeast of Asia.
    Our Service
    Pre-Sale Service:
    We promise to reply your mail within 24 hours.
    We would like to answer all of your questions during your purchasing;
    Everything can be negotiated and discussed until satisfying your special requirement and needs;
    Our sales specialist will confirm every detailed specifications of each product which customer required to guarantee to provide you the exact right product for you.
    Sale Tracking Service:
    We are open to take your reasonable advice during your purchasing;
    We will report every step of the product production, transportation, loading etc to you timely and keep updated;
    We will submit all shipping documents to you timely to assure your custom declaration on time.
    After-Sale Service:
    We will file each document for each business so as to be checked back after sale;
    We will guarantee every product to meet the standards of ASME B16.9 & ASTM B363;
    The product quality warranty will be 1 year, if a quality problem is happened unpredictably within the warranty, we will provide a new one to you by free. Customized Nickel Elbow

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