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    Our History
    Tianjin Qianfeng Anticorrosion And Insulation Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd established in 2004, is specializing in producing all kinds of anti-corrosion and insulation steel pipes. Our company established the new branch Jiang Hai Yun Hao galvanized pipes Co., Ltd in 2005;in 2009 established the “Te Run Ze” international trading Co., Ltd; in 2013 established the Tianjin Dingfeng coating equipment Co., Ltd.; in 2014 established Tianjin Gufeng anti-corrosion Technical Inspection Co.,Ltd , which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, design, production, installation, testing and service of pipeline anti-corrosion and heat preservation engineering. Our company is located in the steel pipes production base Tianjin Da Qiu Zhuang town, has a shareholding cooperation relationship with many big steel pipe companies, which makes our company having good market advantage and convenient transportation.
    Our Factory
    Our company covers the area of 180 mu, building area is 26000 square meter, registered capital US dollar 20 million, fixed asset input is US dollar 26 million, has employed 180 personnel, all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 40 people. The company has abundant technical forces and perfect inspection methods, has passed the national inspection center’s products quality test, by virtue of company’s self and state inspection organization’s technical force, our company established perfect quality management system, and cooperate with material college of Tianjin university, Tianjin University of Technology School of mechanical engineering, and Tianjin science and technology commission jointly to set up Tianjin Technology and Engineering Center for Anti-corrosion, our company will gradually become a leading enterprise of the corrosion protection industry in production and study integration. and obtain “Science and Technology Intensive Enterprises” honorary title. Our company executes national and industry ‘s standards strictly .
    Our Product
    The main products : 3PE steel pipe 、FBE steel pipe 、Spigot-socket joint large diameter steel -plastic composite pipe,PU coating steel pipe, CWC steel pipe,steel pipe with cement mortar on inner wall and epoxy coal tar on outer wall,fire fighting steel pipes, mining dual-resistance steel pipe,Epoxy ceramic steel pipe, HDPE gas pipe, HDPE jacket thermal insulation steel pipe,HDPE casing pipe,and various anti-corrosive and insulating accessory fittings.The company’s production capacity is fifty million square meters per year.
    Product Application
    The products of the company are widely used such important fields as oil transmission, gas transmission, water transmission, thermal power generation, fire protection system, salt chemical, and coal chemical. It is a professional manufacturer.
    Our Certificate
    Our company have passed ISO9001 national quality management system certification, ISO14001 environment management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Our company is the VIP member of China petroleum project construction association anti-corrosion and insulation technology Special Interest Committee and China industry anti-corrosion technical association, and obtain the PRC special equipment making license in 2010 and China Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipeline Bureau’s entering market permits, hold anti-corrosion and insulation pipeline, produce and build one grade aptitude and pipeline project responsibility contracts on specialties second grade aptitude. Our company is the Tianjin city famous trademark and excellent brand enterprise, evaluated “honoring contracts and standing by reputation, AAA enterprise” by China quality evaluative center. Our company is rated Tianjin famous brand products and famous brand enterprises.
    Production Equipment
    Our company has advanced four production lines of internal FBE lining and external three layer PE (the diameter range 32mm-6000mm,and length from 5m to 18m);four internal shot blasting machines and four external shot blasting machines;six internal and external FBE and PE coating production lines and so on.
    The company has 6 vacuum sizing HDPE external protecting tube production lines,can produce from Φ75-Φ1680 HDPE external protecting pipe,3 large diameter Φ1680 protection pipe production lines,can produce form Φ75-Φ1680 PE layer thermal insulation steel pipe production lines,which executes the latest standard GB/T34611-2017;has three production lines of primary-shaping thermal insulation steel pipe;has six lines of prefabricated directly buried insulation steel pipe;has three lines of steel jacket steam steel pipe;The PE extrusion machine is equipped with corona equipment,which can corona treatment for polyethylene jacket pipe.The annual production capacity of thermal insulation steel pipe and fittings is more than 600km.
    Production Market
    Our products are exported to many countries, such as Romania, Dubai, England, U.S.A, Jordan, Koweit, S.korea, Japan, Spain, Vietnam and so on, enjoy high reputation in the world market.
    Major Performance:
    1.2015 Venezuela PDVSA Chemical plant project
    2.2014-2015 Russia LUKOIL
    3.2015 Australia Oil search
    4.2015 Pakistan SSGC Pakland-Nara Sawan(RLNG II) project
    5.2015 Pakistan UEPL Gas project
    6.2015 Pakistan Naimat Phase 5A&5B
    7.2014 Pakistan OGDCL Gas project
    8.2014 Pakistan SSGC Importing LNG Port project
    9.2014 USA GE Italy project
    10.2012 Bangladesh PGCL Gas project
    11.Construction of the second gas treatment plant in Amm, Turkmenistan
    Our Service
    Sales Service Procedure
    (1) Service object: customers who have purchased the company’s products
    (2) Ways of service: telephone, fax, mail and on-site service
    (3) Scope of service: Providing services to our products nationwide
    (I) Pre-service
    According to the customer’s needs, answer the customer about the product’s standards, uses and matters needing attention in use. Provide customers with product-related data to ensure that customers choose the appropriate products reasonably.
    Calls and visits from customers should be answered and received promptly and enthusiastically.
    Strictly control the quality and output, ensure the high quality of products, ensure delivery time.
    Regular training of technical and service personnel to ensure the quality of service to meet customer requirements.
    (II) Service in Sale
    Establish a good supply-demand relationship, abide by the contract, fully meet customer requirements for products and delivery time.
    To organize production in time and deliver the goods on time according to the contract and special requirements of customers.
    Strictly control the quality of products in the process of hoisting and transportation to ensure timely, safe and intact delivery of products to the construction site.
    (III) After-sales service
    In the process of product use, our company will promptly give a clear answer or send professional personnel to the scene to find out the situation and deal with it quickly, to ensure that the problem is satisfactorily solved and to satisfy customers.
    To regularly distribute the “Product Situation Feedback Form” and “Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire” to customers, solicit customers’opinions extensively, and do a good job of summarizing and archiving so as to improve the quality of our products and services.
    Establish and improve customer information, and register customer purchasing records and needs in detail. Communicate information in time to better serve customers.
    Service Commitment
    In order to improve the popularity of enterprises and establish the image of enterprises, we are in line with the enterprise concept of “customer first, service-oriented, credit first”, and with the principle of “the most favorable price, the most thoughtful service, the most reliable product quality”, we solemnly promise you:
    (I) Product quality commitment:
    1.The manufacturing and testing of products should strictly implement the relevant manufacturing and testing standards promulgated by the state and record them in detail.
    2.For product quality and performance testing, we hope that customers can personally inspect the production site, until the product is confirmed to be qualified before delivery.
    (II) Product price commitment:
    1.In order to ensure product performance and reliability of use, we choose domestic high-quality brand-name products in the selection of raw materials.
    2.Under the same competitive conditions, our company will offer you qualified products at the most favorable price without reducing the performance of the products and changing the selection of materials.
    (III) Delivery commitment:
    1.Product delivery date: strictly in accordance with the contract, if customers have special requirements and need to be completed ahead of time, our company can organize production and strive to meet user needs.
    2.When the products are delivered, our company provides the following documents to users.
    (1) Certificate of Product Quality
    (2) Out-of-factory code sheet of products
    (3) Other information provided by customers
    (IV) Service commitments:
    1.Service concept: It is always right to treat customers as relatives and family members.
    2.Service objective: Customer satisfaction, self-assurance.
    3.Service efficiency: If the product fails or receives customer feedback during or outside the warranty period, our company will reply or solve the problem within 24 hours after receiving the notice from the city and 48 hours from other provinces.
    4.Service Principles: If quality problems occur, free maintenance and replacement of products are caused by quality reasons, and the “three-package” policy is implemented at the same time.

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