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    Literature & Fiction are the collection of essays, reviews, and commentaries on literature-related subjects.
    Literature & Fiction – What’s All About is a collection of essays and reviews by different scholars, writers, critics, and scholars from all over the world on their favorite literary works.

    The essay editors and authors have included different areas of specialization in their work. One of these areas of specialization is in the area of criticism. The essays in this category generally discuss the critics’ views on the literary works that are included in the literature & fiction. These essays are usually published in literary journals or in a special volume dedicated to criticism of literature.

    Other areas of specialization in literature include political and social commentaries, cultural perspectives, and contemporary issues. The essays in this category also highlight the role of fiction in society. The essays also discuss different aspects of the social, economic, psychological, and sociological aspects of literature. The essays of this category also give a detailed discussion about the literary works and their characters.

    In another area of specialization, there are the articles in which the writer discusses the historical areas in which they are interested. One of the areas in which the author is interested in writing is the history of literature. The articles on this topic usually contain a few short paragraphs about various historical figures who had some major influence on the development of literature. Some of the historians are scholars of ancient Greek culture, while others specialize in the history of literature. These scholars are also usually experts in the field of literature.

    The essays in this category are also given a short introduction and discussion about the contemporary issues in the field of literature-related subjects. The articles in this category are normally published in literary magazines and literary journals. Most of the literary magazines have a special section where this type of articles can be published. The articles in this category are written by many different scholars who have various views about contemporary issues in the literature-related subjects.

    Most of the literary magazines and journals publish the articles of the different scholars and writers who are associated with different universities and colleges in the field of literature. These scholars and writers are well-known for their specialization on different topics of the history of literature, the social, economic, cultural, and psychological aspects of literature, and other areas of specialization in literature.

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