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    There are many forms of literature and fiction to be found and one should be sure they know what they’re looking for. There are many genres to look for in literature and some of these genres are historical, romance, science fiction, horror, mystery and fantasy. Each of these genres has it’s own set of rules and it is up to the reader to make sure they understand those rules before they start.

    Historical works may be categorized into a literary genre of their own. For example; a classic mystery may have historical events as the main plot point and at times this may seem like a good thing but if the writer is not careful the reader may become bored with it.
    What Is Literature & Fiction? love to use historical events and turn them into a mystery. Some writers who are more into romance will include historical events in their romance novels or stories in order to add an element of romance and mystery to the novel.

    A romance and suspense story are one’s fiction and it can be written in any genre. It can also be categorized into several genres such as science fiction, thriller, horror, romance and even urban fantasy. Some science fiction and thriller writers prefer to write about aliens, robots, futuristic situations and futuristic society. If you’re not familiar with science fiction and futuristic society then it may be a good idea for you to get a book or two on this subject matter first.

    Fantasy is a great form of literature and fiction. It is one of the largest categories that includes a variety of sub-genres like epic fantasy, urban fantasy, horror and even romance. Most writers who write about fantasy will be writing about the adventures of their main characters and setting these adventures in a magical world. It is up to the reader to determine how much fantasy they want to take part in and the reader’s choices will determine the direction their story takes them in.

    Science fiction is another popular genre of fiction that allows the author to take the scientific theories he or she has researched and turn them into the plot lines of the story. The science that is often used to create these stories can include space travel, time travel, aliens and even time itself. Some authors also write about aliens in their work and will use science fiction as a form of literature and fiction.

    Finally, there are all types of horror literature and fiction. These are the works that make people jump out of their skin, run away and lock themselves in their rooms because they’re so horrifying. Some of the popular horror fiction includes The Ring by Christopher Pike, The Talisman by Ray Bradbury and The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty. All of these horror works are popular works and authors continue to write horror fiction over time.

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