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    In Amazon’s ‪Books› category, picked out "Business & Money." Then went onto the sub-categories in the left hand side panel and selected the sub-category of "Business & E-business"

    Then chosen a few titles by a particular author and then handpicked titles based on relationship with e-commerce and customer ratings. For
    Why Business is Important – How to Make Money With Business and Money , I read a book about search engine optimisation which was specifically targeted at e-businesses but it still got a lot of good reviews.

    After choosing the book "Business & Money," I then went into the "Books" sub-tab, and in the "Search Engine Optimisation" sub-tab I clicked the plus sign on the top right corner to add the book to my Amazon cart. On the next screen I selected "Proceed to checkout" and then selected the "Checkout" button. Once done, I checked the "Complete Order" button.

    After that I went back to the main menu and I chose "continue checkout," "checkout to complete," and finally clicked the "complete checkout" button. When done, I signed in and I found that I was now ready to make my order. I chose "continue with order" and then signed into my Amazon account.

    After a few seconds, I confirmed that the book was in my Amazon cart and clicked "continue order." Then the title and ISBN information were displayed. I selected the ISBN number and then chose the "complete order" button.

    After that, I paid for the book and waited for the shipment to come. And all the while, I enjoyed my reading and the fact that I was able to order from an actual Amazon marketplace.

    Now that we know how to order books on Amazon, let’s move onto how you can actually sell your own books on this site. Firstly, there are no shortage of e-books on the subject of e-business, including "The Elements of E-Business." It is definitely worth looking into if you’re a beginner in this field. It’s also a great idea to look up an e-book called "How to Make Money With E-Books."

    If you’re already in the online business and want to boost traffic to your site, one of the best things to do is to add a link in your website pointing to your e-business. This will help you drive more visitors to your site. and increase sales. Another way to improve your conversion rate is to make your site more search engine optimized.

    You can easily create a free traffic generator website by visiting "Network Marketers" and signing up to receive "free traffic" reports. This will help you create targeted traffic to your site by targeting specific keywords.

    This free traffic can be sent to your site through social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, or blogs. And if your website has content that’s well written and interesting, then you’re sure to get lots of free traffic coming to your site.

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