• The word "literature" itself is derived from the Greek words "laikos" which means "study," "katharsis" which means "creating, arranging, and arranging" in addition to being a derivative of "scribosaia" which means "writing." When you think about it, then the definition of literature actually includes many different ideas which are all…[Read more]

  • Children’s Literature or Juvenile Literature consists of books, stories, magazines, and poetry designed especially for young readers. In the past, Juvenile literature was the type of literature typically offered to schools for children of a certain age. These days, however, children’s book publishing has been made easier with the advent of…[Read more]

  • Literature & fiction are very much a part of our life today. From the childhood, to the adolescence, through to the adulthood; literature has always been there for us. But what makes this book such a rage in the minds of readers is the message it carries to all those children who may be living in poverty and the hope that one day they will get a…[Read more]

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