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    Product Specifications
    ZR803 standard configuration
    Seating 2 lounges + 3 seats
    Shell colors 7 colors for options
    Shell material US Aristech Acrylic
    Jet pump 1*2.5HP(2-speed)
    Product dimension 2100*2100*880mm
    Dry weight 360kg
    Filled weight(with water inside) 1960kg
    Suction 2pcs
    Air valve 1pcs
    Drainage outlet 1pcs
    Shell insulation 1cm
    Headrest pillows(pc) 3pcs
    Support frame Stainless steel+Chemical Treated wood
    Skirt ABS+PS(optional colors)
    Base ABS with Timber support
    Control system Balboa BP6013 + Touch+3kw heater
    Power supply 220V/380V/110V
    Underwater lighting 1pcs
    Jets total (pc) 36pcs
    Hydrotherapy Jets(5”) 3pcs
    Hydrotherapy Jets( 3.5″ ) 4pcs
    Hydrotherapy Jets(2.5”) 2pcs
    Hydrotherapy Jets(2”) 27pcs
    Filter 1pcs ;2*50sf
    UV sterilizer 1pcs



    An outdoor spa is a way to absorb nature and take in surroundings after a long day at work, after a workout, or anytime you need to recharge. Relaxing in a spa is important time spent on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
    Massage Function

    ①Neck Massage ②Foot Massage

    ③Leg Massage ④Direct Massage

    ⑤Rotating Massage ⑥Water Massage jets with LED

    How do I use a pH testing kit?
    Testing your pH is an important part of water care—and thankfully, it is also very easy. You will take a small sample of water from your hot tub and dip a test strip into it. Wait 15 seconds, then hold it next to the chart provided in your kit and determine its closest color match. If your pH levels are too high or too low, consult your kit for additional instructions on balancing your hot tub water and the products you will need.
    The Best Hot Tub is One Personalized Just for You wholesale 5 Person Outdoor Spas

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