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    Hydraulic mill roll stand is an necessary component of the corrugated packaging line. It has two arms to support the two big paper rolls. It is hyperbolic heavy rocker, expand chuck, and multi point brake. It is hydraulic driving lifting, panning left and right on the middle. The machine is with two trolley and rails. The guide rail is 6000mm length, use of plate.

    Machine Characteristics:
    1. The brake adjustable adopts multi point braking system.
    2. Symmetric structure can install two bundle of paper tube at the same time, can change paper assignments without stopping .
    3. Adopts full hydraulic drive to complete the original paper clamping, loosen, move on to match and translation to right & left these motions and so on, original paper lifting adopts hydraulic drive.
    4. With two-stage inflatable paper carrying head , paper carrying head is 3\4 inch double type.
    5. The machine is easy to operate and maintain. It is a very useful machine in corrugated packaging line.
    6. The whole track buried, the main frame of the 14th Channel steel with ¢ 20mm cold drawn welded round, length of track 6000mm.
    7. Each paper holder matched two sets paper trolley, and paper on both sides at the same time, pull the roller paper to the right place.
    Machine Specification:
    1. The range of clamping paper: Max 1800mm, min 1000mm
    2. Clamping diameters: Max1500mm, min 350mm
    3. Main shaft diameter of the paper holder: 240mm
    4. Gas source work pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa
    5. The weight of the machine is about 3ton.
    6. Standard model is 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200
    After sales, we will send you floor layout and electric diagram for you to install the machine. The warranty for the machine is 1 year, but not including the wearing parts. Anytime you have problem, welcome to contact us.Mill Roll Stand price

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