• hzr414aj posted an update 3 months ago

    IBC container shredder
    In the IBC container shredder , four sets of blades’ shafts are installed on a “U” shaped line , upper two rows of blades create a wide mouth to grasp and press bulky waste , such as IBC tank ,blue plastic drum, fridge , cloth washing machine etc, thus ,bulky waste can not jump in the hopper ,and can be shredded once contact occurs between the bulky waste and shredding blades.
    The fineness of fragments after shredding is customized from 25*50mm up to 100*200mm, depending on how big hardness and toughness of the material for the shredding blades are required.
    Although the four shaft shredder is named as IBC container shredder , General purpose must be emphasized as one of the most important features of the 4 shaft shredder machine. Main designing target is bulk waste ,but a variety of solid waste , such as plastic film,bag,pallet,sheet,bottle also can be processed on the quad shaft shredder , and because of the pressing function of the upper two shafts, a relatively higher production capacity can be realized.Four Shaft Shredder suppliers

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