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    Laminating hot press
    Model(SM4*8RY-1600)short cycle lamination hot press
    Total pressure1200 T
    Board feeding directionTransverse
    Layerssingle layer double sides
    Layer spacing300mm
    Number of hot press plate2 Pcs
    Hot press plate size(Up)2600*1400*140mm
    Hot press plate size(Down)2600*1400*100mm
    Lift cylinderФ63×4
    Hardness and smoothnessHRC 52, Ra < 0.8
    Working oil pressure25.0 MPa
    Hydraulic oil
    (prepared by the buyer)46# resistant oil, 6 cans x 170 kg/can
    Cooling systemWater cooling
    Compression resistance25 Mpa
    Hydraulic pumpVariable pump
    Power22 KW
    Height of machine frame3150mm
    Overall dimension3900mm*1400mm*4150mm
    WeightAbout 40 Tons
    Working methodsFull automatic
    Composite frameSolid frame with 8 support legs
    Oil tankIn the Top
    Thickness of the frame60mm Q235
    loading trolly
    Gross weight:700kg
    FunctionWorker put one paper on this belt. Transfer the board with paper.
    Hot pressing veneer machine, double veneer hot pressing machine, single veneer hot pressing machine, features: hot pressing system heating up fast, heating system, heat conduction system carefully segmented design, low heat consumption, uniform heat conduction; The mechanism is reasonably set up, the precision of parts processing is high, the range of technological parameters adjustment is wide, and the control process design is reasonable, which can meet the technological requirements of various veneer production. Purpose: cover press series machines are suitable for neutral furniture factory or small man-made board the secondary processing factory (cover), used to hot glue, wooden door and furniture board, building partition in a variety of man-made board, such as plywood, joinery board, MDF, particle board surface pressure stick in all kinds of decorative materials: melamine decorative paper, decorative cloth, fire prevention board, metal foil, man-made and natural two sub-companies named seaport, natural two sub-companies named seaport spelling a flower; Can not be used for a single version of drying leveling, color decorative wood chip leveling, shaping.
    A hot press is a device that heats two pre-soldered tinned parts to a temperature high enough for the solder to melt and flow, solidifies, and forms a permanent electromechanical connection between the parts and the solder. Should be different products, heating rate for selection. The pressure head of titanium alloy ensures average temperature, rapid temperature rise and long service life. The head is specially designed to be horizontally adjustable to ensure that the components are evenly compressed. Temperature numerical control, clear precision. Equipped with digital manometer, the pressure range can be preset.
    Hot press is also known as bunding machine. Depending on the hot press media, can be divided into tin soldering, ACF (electrical tape), ACP (electrical glue), TBF (hot melt film). Suitable for connecting FPC,HSC, TAB, LCD and PCB. Because the Pitch of PCB or FPC in consumer electronic products tends to be fine, the traditional tin soldering technology can no longer meet the requirement of extremely fine hot pressing. ACF process has been gradually used by mobile phone designers.Hot Press Machine manufacturers

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