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    Our History
    The Company has been focused on thermostatic field for 15 years and has been striving to the production and research of thermostatic components, providing an all-through service from production to sales.
    Our Factory
    The Company is located in the production base of water heating equipment at Haicheng Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. The Factory has advanced production equipment at home and abroad, as well as high-precision testing equipment, and has a large number of professional and technical personnel and supervisory personnel. Product quality is guaranteed thanks to various effective procedures such as product development, design, drawing, launch, inspection, testing, monitoring etc.
    Our Product
    Faucet series, thermostatic series, water-heating accessories series, thermostatic spool series, temperature control equipment series, temperature control components series, thermostat rod series, thermostatic probe series.
    Product Application
    Sanitary industry, hardware, faucet, faucet shower, ceramic sanitary appliance, automobile full sensor, underground heating, pipeline valve, valve, water heating.
    Production Equipment
    High-precision CNC, machining center, peeling machine, special test machine for thermostatic spool, special water & pressure test equipment for faucet, production line, assembly line, surface treatment polishing machine, electroplating surface treatment line.
    Production Market
    The products are mainly focused on medium- high-end markets such as the European and American markets, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Poland, the United States, etc. The current foreign trade sales in 2018 reached 30 million under professional OEM/ODM production.
    Our Service
    Each product is attached with a detailed product specification. We鈥檒l carefully and patiently explain the Operation Instruction of the product before selling the product, and provide training to the salesperson or user, the consumer in explaining the professional knowledge, and follow up the progress of the arrival of the product during the sales process. carefully understand the real needs of customers, timely follow up the related issues after the sale, each order will be attached to the commonly used accessories on each product, with a reasonable settlement of claims of 2%.China Rainfall Shower Head suppliers

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