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    Torch Applied SBS Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane is SBS (styrene-butadiene – styrene)thermoplastic elastomer modified bitumen as dip coating materials to high-quality polyester felt, fiberglass mat, cloth compound tires for the tire base to fine sand, mineral(film), PE film, aluminum and other materials for the cladding, using special mechanical mixing and grinding of elastomer modified bitumen membrane.

    2.Product Specification
    Thickness (mm)3+/-0.34+/-0.35+/-0.3
    Upper surfacePESMPESMPESM
    Lower surfacePE; SPE; SPE; S
    Weight/sqm (kg)3.33.544.34.555.35.56
    Remarks: PE indicates polyethylene film; S indicates fine sand; M indicates mineral slice or particle

    3, Feature:
    1) Good impermeability.
    2) SBS waterproofing rolling material can be applied in very cold area with low temperature.
    3) Good performance in anti-puncture, anti-broker, anti-resistance, anti-erosion, anti-mildew, anti-weathering.
    4) Possess good tensile strength, elongation rate and size stability which could be well suited and substrate distortion and crack.

    4, Application

    SBS modified bitumen waterproof membrane is widely used in industrial and civil building, such as walls, basement, toilet waterproof; Bridge, road, parking lot, swimming pool,roof garden,tunnel, reservoir and other building.
    Especially suitable for the structure with frequent deformation and the building of cold area.

    5, Applications Method:

    1.Make sure the roof deck smooth,clean and dry(Moisture<9%),then apply the surface of roof deck homogeneously with a kind bitumen paint till dry to start application.
    2.There are two methods in application:
    One way is by heating and melting method—Heat the polyethylene film of the membrane and roof deck surface by heating and melting method to be nearly melted (not flowing),then install the membrane fully bonded to the roof deck with overlaps of 5-10cm.
    The other way is by cold adhesive method—Pour the cold adhesive homogeneously on the roof deck,then roll the membrane to install it to be fully sticked to roof deck.
    By heating and melting method and by cold adhesive can be used in alternation in application as requested.
    After application ,a full serious inspection is required to sure no air bubble,no fold,no falling away etc. to guarantee the waterproof life.
    6, Executive standard:
    GB18242-2008 Elastomer Modified Asphalt Waterproofing Material

    7, Storage&Shipment
    1).In the process of storage and transportation, different types and specifications of the products should be stacked, should not be mixed. Storage temperature should not be higher than 50 ℃.
    2).In the course of transportation, the coiled material must be set up, stacking height is not more than two layers. In order to prevent inclined or horizontal pressure, when necessary with tarpaulin.
    3).Under normal storage and transportation conditions, the storage period is one year from the date of production.SBS APP Modified Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane Free Sample

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