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tower crane motor,Precision reducer and reliable brake system with CE SGS certificate 200-600 voltage 2 years warranty
crane electric motor
1.Product Introduction of the tower crane motor
This tower crane motor uses high quality DC coil braking system to ensure the timeliness of the stop of the girder. According to the voltage of different countries, the voltage range of the ELK motor is 200V-600V.
2.Product parameter of crane electric motor
ModelPower(KW)Number of
RatioRotation SpeedVoltage
No Buffer0.254PM3
133R/min176R/min200V-600V/3 phase/50/60Hz
3.Product feature and application
ELK tower crane motor has the advantages of small quality, small volume, large transmission ratio, large carrying capacity, smooth transmission and high transmission efficiency. Because of these characteristics, planetary gear reducer has been widely used in metallurgical, mine, architecture, aviation and other mechanical fields.
This tower crane motor has DC motor brake installation rectifier, rectified voltage is 99V, 170V or 90108V, DC brake motor due to the rectified voltage, the fastest time to brake in about 0.6 seconds, quick braking, accurate positioning, safe and reliable braking system can be used interchangeably, simple structure, easy maintenance and replacement etc.
The circuit part is made up of stator winding and rotor winding. The three-phase winding of the stator winding is composed of three independent winding, and each winding is connected by a number of coils. The coil is made of insulated copper wire or insulated aluminum wire. The mechanical part is mainly composed of the seat, terminal, shaft and bearing.
4.Product Qualification of the crane electric motor
In order to speed up the transformation and development of the company, Kaidao hoist always adheres to the development strategy of “four one”, continues to increase investment in innovation, and has made many breakthroughs in the design and development of new products.
Kaidao hoist to the market demand, the development of comprehensive product market segments, the implementation of product differentiation strategy, in recent years, introduced to the market of high-tech products of wind power maintenance crane, green building wall curing kiln, and a series of yacht handling cranes.
Kaidao hoist takes information as the breakthrough point, and continuously introduces the leading intelligent manufacturing equipment, and implements the workshop management system and the quality process control system in an all-round way, and strive to create a modern chemical factory with continuous improvement in automation level and carry out the transformation from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.
Q: How long is the warranty of the motor?
A:This motor provides a two-year warranty.
Q:What’s the motor warranty policy?
A:We provide free of charge for all parts damaged by quality.
Q:what’s the modulus of the tooth number of the motor.
A:yes, we can customize the output gear according to your needs.Overhead Crane Motor suppliers

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